Saturday, April 23, 2016

Calamigos Equestrian Center - Kate + George

This was a special one because it was the celebration of one of our own! While she works in marketing during the week, Kate has also been with DNT for over 2 years and loves to see all of our events come to life. She and hubby George were married at Calamigos Equestrian Center on a beautiful day in September.

Friday, March 25, 2016

DNTeam Outing in Malibu

Our annual company outing was a complete surprise put on by our amazing founders, Deanna & Naomi!

It is in true event planner fashion, that our party was fab and down to the details as well. They treated the team to a safari themed picnic at Malibu Family Wines followed by an actual Wine Safari Tour! We were so excited to meet llamas, buffalo and zebras. The tour even allowed us to get up close and personal to feed the animals.

After a delicious picnic lunch, we were off on a jeep to explore the property!

Our adorable tour guide! 

 Thank you to the kindest and most amazing mentors any group of girls can have! To many more team outings and beautiful events with this DNTeam!

South Coast Botanic Garden - Julie & Huy

Our Friday flashback!

We couldn't help but feature the lovely Julie and Huy who were wed in May of 2014 at the South Coast Botanic Garden. The couple had origami cranes strung around their reception space and origami bunnies to assist their guests find their seats. Their wedding party was bright and colorful, the girls in a sparkling turquoise and the boys with their quirky socks.

Julie and Huy are both huge foodies, which was incorporated into the theme of their whole celebration. Here is an excerpt from their ceremony:

For those of you that may not know, the basic idea of Sous Vide is to seal the food you want to cook in a plastic bag and place it in a heated water bath.  The water bath is kept at a specific temperature which prevents overcooking, preserves flavor and yields an unmatched texture.
This cooking technique has far more implications than just the kitchen and I will now attempt apply it to your marriage:
The world is replete with unpredictable and unforgiving events which is akin to the spikes in temperature in cooking.  Too much stress and pressure can result in a marriage that gets burnt out, overcooked, unappetizing.  Leave your marriage too cool without enough heat to maintain it will result in something cold and inedible.
You need to sous vide your marriage.  When conflict arises and your marriage becomes strained, you need to stop and evaluate, soothe and cool off.  If the marriage becomes complacent and boring, find ways to be encouraging and pursue activities to strengthen each other.
Julie and Huy have already faced many challenges together as a couple.  They have not only persevered through these troubles and tribulations, but it has made them stronger people and brought them closer together.  The fact that they are standing before you today despite the challenges they have faced is a testament to their devotion and love to one another.

They flew in Chefs to prepare their favorite dishes for their friends and family to enjoy. Some of our favorite dishes were the chicken liver terrine and ahi crackers.

A very special thank you to the talented Lin & Jirsa team for the beautiful photographs!

The amazing vendors:
Wedding Planner: DNT Elite Events
Venue: South Coast Botanic Garden
Photographer: Lin & Jirsa Photography
Florist: Be Buds Florist, Inc.
Rentals: Signature Party Rentals and Choura Events